Glow-worm compact 24kw

The Glow-worm 24kW combi boiler contains a stainless-steel heat exchanger and has one of the smallest footprints on the market, making it cupboard-fit. Furthermore, the MicraCom comes complete with a 1.25m mains cable.


5 Years

Key Features and Benefits

Stainless steel heat exchanger

Proven robust and successful concept with over 6 million installed boilers

Compact footprint

MicraCom is one of the smallest boilers available on the market with dimensions of 626mm x 400mm x 270mm

Comes complete with fittings pack

To ensure trouble free connections to the boiler via 15 and 22mm compression fittings and a gas valve with a gas test point accessible externally to the boiler

Boiler interface

Large illuminated white on black LED user interface with compact and bright display with six buttons

24-hour analogue timer available as an accessory

Hinges down from underneath the boiler and can be connected without removing the boiler case

LPG compatible

Allowing flexibility of install

Removable side panels

Easy access for service and maintenance

Side clearance mm 5
Top clearance mm 150
Top clearance for rear flue mm n/a
Bottom clearance mm 180
Front clearance* mm 500

Gas inlet connection (pipe size) mm 15
Heating flow and return connections (pipe size) mm 22
Hot and cold water connections (pipe size) mm 15
Filling loop supplied No
Factory fitted timer No
Boiler lift weight (Dry boiler) kg 25.6

NOx (En 15502-2-1) mg/kWh 24
ErP efficiency % 93
ErP decibel rating dBa 54
PCDB seasonal efficiency (SAP 2009/2012) % 88.9

Fluing options
Max. horizontal flue length 60/100 m 9
Max. vertical flue length 60/100 m 10
Max. horizontal flue length 80/125 m 20
Max. vertical flue length 80/125 m 20
Rear flue options No
Permissible flue classifications C13, C33, C43, C53

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Glow-worm compact 24kw

Glow-worm power filter

Wireless thermostat

Calmag scale reducer

Sentinel x800 Flush

£1,770 Fully Installed

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