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The Gas Assist Boilers guide to different Central Heating Boiler types

Combination Boilers

‘Combi’ means combination boiler. This kind of central heating boiler heats water and provides the central heating for your home. Combi boilers heat water as you turn on taps in your home. 

They don’t require a water storage tank as the boiler is connected directly to the water pipe, which means it just heats water as and when it’s required. If you require hot water at any time it’s required, a combi central heating boiler will likely be the best heating solution for your property.

The bonus with a combi boiler is you do not require a separate water storage tank which means you will save space on your property.

Combi boilers suit the following houses

Combi central heating boilers are cost-effective and energy-efficient, as well as compact. 

They do not require a water tank (generally in the loft) or a hot water cylinder, making them excellent for homes with minimal space. 

Note that for bigger households with multiple bathrooms in active use, the delivery of hot water can be impacted when greater than one hot water tap remains in use simultaneously. In addition, homes that have inadequate inbound water pressure and/or flow rates can have a hard time efficiently utilising a combi boiler.

They offer best-in-class energy efficiency Combi boilers are just one of the most popular boiler types suited the UK today.

 A Gas Assist certified Gas Safe engineer can examine the feasibility of a combi boiler in your home during a visit.

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System Boilers

System central heating boilers are also known as sealed system central heating boilers, require a water cylinder to keep hot water, nevertheless, there’s no need for a water tank in the loft, as the heating unit is built right into the boiler itself, unlike normal boiler systems.

These incorporate the benefits of a regular open-aired vent central heating boiler with a space-conscious combi central heating boiler.

Properties that suit system boilers

System central heating boilers are excellent for houses with more than one bathroom, as they supply a constant supply of hot water to any number of taps at the same time, yet are space-conscious enough to warrant an internal water tank.

Furthermore, as all the essential parts for the heating system are built right into the system central heating boiler itself, this sort of central heating boiler is much less susceptible to the effects of frost accumulation.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, where an attic water tank could be negatively impacted, a system central heating boiler would be a far better solution for your home’s heating needs.

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Regular boilers (open vent boilers)

Regular boilers, in some cases known as an open vent, heat-only or gravity-fed central heating boilers, provide main home heating as well as hot water through a hot water storage cylinder.

The cylinder is frequently located in an airing cupboard and the cold water storage tank is generally found in the loft space. Usually, older houses that have a traditional heater will include a regular boiler installed.

Homes that suit open air vent boilers

If your home has multiple bathrooms, open vent boilers are ideal as they can provide a great deal of hot water at the same time.

Open vent boilers function well if you are replacing an old open vent heating system, as well as ideal if water pressure is low in your area.

Keep in mind that they do need more room than various other boiler systems, due to the necessity of a different water storage tank – often placed in an attic or loft area.

If your home has particularly old radiators as well as heating pipework and also a small hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, possibilities are you currently have an open vent boiler.

Open vent central heating boilers work on a much lower system pressure than that of a Combi or System central heating boiler. Combi, as well as System central heating boiler kinds, produce a lot greater system pressures when running, this increased pressure can cause leaks and damage when fitted to older systems.

If your old boiler has broken down and your system is old, it is often advised to change it with another Open Vent central heating boiler as they are the cheapest type of boiler to purchase as well as can be altered relatively quickly and easily without having to replace old radiators as well as pipework.

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What is the best central heating system for your property ?

To find the best heating solution for your home, speak to the Gas Assist boilers team (01202 135758) for advice and support.

An expert will assess your hot water and heating demands, look at your current boiler and then advise on the most efficient and effective boiler to ensure it delivers the most efficent cost effective central heating system for your home.