Just how does a Combi Boiler work?

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Many modern-day combi boilers have a pre-heat system which allows the combi boiler to keep a percentage of water that can be drawn from the central heating boiler.

The water is held inside the central heating boiler as well as kept at your preferred temperature throughout the day, all set to be sent to the hot water tap as quickly as possible.

Modern combi boilers use condensing technology to efficiently heat the system water by extracting latent heat from the flue gases.

When you need home heating or hot water, a burner in the combi boiler is ignited. The heat from the flame is moved through the primary heat exchanger to the key circuit, whereupon the heat is moved either straight to the radiators or to your hot water taps by means of a plate heat exchanger.

What are the advantages of a combi boiler?

Combi central heating boilers are a preferred choice for many homeowners because of their different benefits. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Compact size
  • Efficient

Another advantage of a combi central heating boiler is its efficiency.

Some modern combi boilers are constructed with a flue gas heat recovery system, which includes collecting the gas created by burning gas or oil and utilizing it to heat water from the mains.

This allows the system to burn much less fuel and also attain an efficiency of over 90% at the same time, which consequently reduces a house’s home heating bills.

Investing in a single system (Combi Central heating boiler) can be more affordable than buying multiple system components contrasted to the installation of a conventional system which typically needs, tanks, cylinders, pumps etc. Provides hot water as needed

Saves money

One of the benefits of a combi boiler is its dimension. Given that exterior tank are not needed for a combi central heating boiler, the entire system is controlled via the exact same appliance. This includes home heating and hot water.

Combi central heating boilers are additionally a great choice as a result of how rapidly they can heat up water when needed. Unlike system boilers and also regular boilers, which heat and store specified quantities of water ahead of time, combi central heating boilers heat water when it is needed. A combi central heating boiler can consequently provide a constant supply of hot water.

Points to keep in mind

Unsuitable for larger homes

One downside of a combi boiler is that the quantity of water it can supply at any type of provided time is restricted to the dimension of the boiler, this commonly implies that on the typical combi boiler, only one tap/outlet can be used effectively at once.

While lots of houses will certainly be flawlessly served by a combi boiler, larger houses with multiple bathrooms will require hot water at a rate that a combi boiler can not meet.

In these situations, a system boiler might be more appropriate, due to its exterior hot water tank as well as mains pressure hot water supply choices available.

Needs excellent mains pressure

An additional downside is that due to the fact that combi central heating boilers take water directly from the mains, the water pressure will certainly drop quickly if multiple taps and showers are turned on at the same time.

Larger homes are therefore typically a lot more suited to regular or system boilers that get their water from a hot water cylinder.

How much time do combi boilers last?

Combi boilers last anywhere between 10-15 years, depending on their model as well as how frequently they are serviced. Regular boiler servicing can prolong the lifetime of a combi central heating boiler significantly.

How much do combi boilers cost to install?

If you’re interested in having a combi boiler installed, we have a variety of Which? Best Buy awarded combination central heating boilers that deliver excellent performance whilst continuing to be efficient.

Speak to a Gas Assist to help find the perfect solution for you.

The cost of a combi boiler will vary depending on the manufacturer, model and also size. Combi central heating boilers can cost between ₤1,500 and ₤3,500, with bigger and more efficient models sometimes two times, and even 3 times as costly as cheaper models.

It is additionally important to factor in the price of installing the boiler. Various sizes and central heating boiler types suit various requirements and also property types, and it is always best to consult the Gas Assist team on  01202 138758 to find the most suitable option.